The 100

The-100-poster-falling-verticalHas anyone else been watching this? I’ve had the book in my TBR pile for a while now and had put it aside until the TV show came out. When I watched the first episode I was like, ‘Hey this sounds SO familiar!’ something people who know me hear a lot.

Anyway. While it’s not a perfect show, I was hooked. I love sci-fi and I haven’t read many YAs that are such a great blend of drama and action. The characters are complex and have interesting back stories while the setting and situations they are put in are interesting enough to grab my interest.

A lot of people are saying that dystopias are dead but I think this is a good twist on that.

*Spoiler Alert*

The Ark is a ship orbiting the Earth after wars on the ground made life on the surface impossible. Now the life support on the Ark is deteriorating and the last remaining humans are desperate to find a way to survive. To test the surface, they send 100 teen convicts down as guinea pigs. When they arrive they find out that not only is the surface habitable, but there are people still living down there. Their arrival sparks off conflict between the 100 new arrivals and the ‘Grounders’. Meanwhile, politics in the Ark cause no end of drama for the adult population.

All in all it’s a good show that will entertain you for fortyish minutes.