Cover Reveal Kissed Anthology

Kissed Anthology Banner

If you can’t tell I’ve got the cover for the Kissed! Gorgeous isn’t it? I’m so excited to be a part of this anthology!

Here’s the blurb for my contribution It Started with a Kiss:

Mix one bookworm with the heart of a lioness, a boy with a tarnished halo, and a puppy. Shake vigorously. What could go wrong?

Ella Chambers is quiet, bookish, and has her life going to plan. She should be excited for the next phase of her life, right? What if she’s not entirely sure that the course she’s set is what she wants any longer?

Orphaned, Flynn and his brothers have weathered even the most vicious rumours surrounding their parents’ death. With escape from the claustrophobic little town within sight, Flynn can’t wait to get out…

So why does everything change when a puppy brings Flynn and Ella together?

Coming July 2018